Monday, 29 May 2017

All White

Usually I use beautiful colours when I work with flowers, but recently I have been drawn to using just white flowers. There is something pure and exquisite about white flowers. This quote from Vanessa Diffenbaugh's novel The Language of Flowers captures the essence of white 'The bouquet was white as a wedding and spoke of prayers, truth and an unacquainted heart'. Last month I ran a workshop with all white flowers. Here are some of the flowers set up before the workshop - tulips, roses, delphiniums, white bluebells, lily-of-the-valley, veronica, alstroemeria, soloman's seal and feverfew.
We lined up all the flowers for making a large hand-tied bouquet. The flowers looked absolutely beautiful and everyone felt that there was something very calming, and almost therapeutic, when we worked with them.
We placed the finished bouquet in a simple, unadorned kilner jar.
Then this was presented in a green Meadowsweet gift bag. Green works especially well with white.
Weddings are associated with white - of course they are given the connotations of purity! Mostly I have used white in buttonholes - either a single white rose, just with some green foliage or a touch of colour:
....or a little bunch of gypsophila tied with lace and string:
For one wedding I decorated tables in a marquee just with gypsophila - a frothy mass of white!
This white urn would look gorgeous in a wedding venue.
Finally, here is a simple jug of mainly white flowers - peonies and astrantia picked from the garden, snapdragons and foliage. Joyful and lovely.