Monday, 27 January 2020

Hurrah for the humble jam jar

This is one of the most popular images I have posted on my instagram feed over the last few months. A painted jam jar full of pretty flowers has a timeless quality which people seem to like a lot. I love to use jam jars...sometimes naked, like this:
But more often decorated. Sometimes with pretty paper.
Sometimes to celebrate a special event like Halloween.
The great thing about jam jars is that they are cheap (or even free as a by-product of your honey or your gherkins) and they can be dressed up or down in many ways. Often I decorate them with lace and string/ribbon for weddings.
The jars look great on tables or window sills, and after the wedding they can be given away as gifts to selected guests.
But most of all, I like a painted jam jar. The pattern I have developed looks brilliant for a country wedding.
I often fill these painted jam jars with flowers and give them as presents. They are lovely to take round to someone's house when you have been invited for supper - you can just place them in the middle of the table. They look great and make everyone feel happy!
If you come to my next flower workshop you will make a small posy using spring flowers from Cornwall. These will be placed in one of my painted jam jars. This will be your chance to practice hand-tying before making a large bouquet to fill a pretty jug.