Monday, 4 February 2019

Vintage Flowers

Of course flowers themselves are not vintage. They are fresh as a daisy and here today and gone tomorrow (or at least next week). It is the containers that are vintage and I love using them to display flowers. I especially like old jugs, pretty cups and saucers and heavy glass vases. Digging around in antique shops and junk shops can yield all sorts of great (and inexpensive) finds. Here are a few of my favourite jugs filled with spring flowers:
And with late summer flowers:
Cups and saucers and sundae dishes look pretty:
This heavy glass vase works well with old-fashioned flowers (in this case dahlias):
I run two different vintage flower workshops.  One makes use of a trio (cup, saucer and small plate), jam jar and sundae dish to make three arrangements using three different construction techniques.
The other uses a foliage base to hold the flowers in place. We start by making a small arrangement using an eclectic range of pretty jugs.
Here are a couple made up:
Then for the main show we use all sorts of large vintage jugs to make lovely, individual arrangements. Here are a few:
If you can`t get the kind of vintage containers you want, why not fake it! Sometimes I make 'vintage' containers by covering juice cartons with vintage-looking paper.
For my next workshop in April we are going to fill a fake vintage crate with spring flowers - it looks gorgeous. Why not come along and make something stunning - we will be using lots of spring flowers, not just tulips.