Saturday, 21 November 2020

The last of the summer flowers's getting darker and the garden flowers are coming to their end. Our garden does pretty well in the late summer/early autumn with cosmos, dahlias, japanese anemones, roses and scabious lasting well into November. Using these late flowers I put the same bouquet in three different vases to show an October bride the impact that vases can have on the look that is created:

The autumn has delivered a wonderful crop of late tomatoes, cotoneaster berries and chile peppers - a fantastic hit of red.

Even this week (late November) we have ammi visnaga, cosmos, scabious and dahlias still hanging on, even if they are beginning to get a bit ragged around the edges.

And here is an abundant vase full of these late autumn beauties.
This week I bought a few buckets of flowers and foliage from my wholesaler in Cornwall. It was so lovely to get my hands on a great range of flowers again so late in the year. It is March since I last ran a workshop and had a delivery of Cornish flowers. I have been working with them over the last couple of days, and taking photos of them....I am hoping to get a couple of images that will work for Christmas cards. Here is a taster:

My thoughts are turning to Christmas flowers as we approach December. I find that flowers can raise my spirits during these difficult, dark lockdown days. If you are feeling a bit low, why not buy yourself a lovely bunch of flowers whilst you are out doing your shopping? Keep safe and well everyone.