Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer Flowers

We have been growing all sorts of traditional English flowers this year. This arrangement is made up of sweet peas which Mike especially likes, snap dragons (lovely bright white ones), sweet smelling stocks and ammi. Ammi is properly called ammi majus with an everyday name of bishop’s weed. It is a bit like cow parsley but a lot more delicate. It makes arrangements look lovely – all white froth and romance.

This next arrangement is bigger and is mainly based on red phlox which is growing really well in our front garden, wonderful blue sea holly which we saved from Mike’s Dad’s house when it was sold, borage which is growing profusely (and we use in salads…tasty and pretty) and lovely bright small red alliums.

I have used flowering salad stuff and herbs a lot this year. Mustard, rocket, parsley, garlic and even lettuce have been really good – pretty and robust. This arrangement uses flowering garlic chives (bright white) and pretty flowering rocket. The pink cosmos and anemones brighten it all up and I was really pleased to use the first of our scabious (gorgeous dark purple – nearly black).

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